Sidetracked #13

Sidetracked #13


A revista Sidetracked recupera o sentimento de aventura e exploração, abordando a viagem através de narrativas completas e visualmente apelativas. As palavras e imagens que preenchem as páginas desta publicação mostram-nos como a aventura é um conjunto de trocas e interações baseadas na curiosidade reciproca entre viajantes e locais, entre o Homem e a natureza.

"Sidetracked has always been rooted in inspirational journeys. We were born from the passion of wanting to tell the stories of those who put themselves out there, setting aside fear and doubt in order to experience the breathtaking, the awe-inspiring and the magical."


It’s part of the human condition to wonder what comes next. 


“It’s part of the human condition to wonder what comes next. When the adventure is finished, and the adrenaline ebbs away to leave the cold, hard reality of what remains, it is a peculiarly human thing to want to know how the person with whom we have spent hours of our lives, living an intense experience, learns to cope with the extreme events that have changed them forever. 

Sometimes, the most emotive affairs, the intriguing events that allow us to see what it really means to be human, take place afterwards. When night falls; when the dust has settled, the final embers of the fire are dwindling, and the storm has passed and left a trail of devastation in its wake. All is changed. Nothing will ever be the same again.”