Sidetracked #08

Sidetracked #08


A revista Sidetracked recupera o sentimento de aventura e exploração, abordando a viagem através de narrativas completas e visualmente apelativas. As palavras e imagens que preenchem as páginas desta publicação mostram-nos como a aventura é um conjunto de trocas e interações baseadas na curiosidade reciproca entre viajantes e locais, entre o Homem e a natureza.

"Sometimes the adversity is external – the world will always offer us unforgiving and remote violence. Stephan Siegrist tells not only his own story of ascending the Druid, in the Kaban Valley in the disputed territory of Kashmir, but the story of a tragic, ill-fated previous expedition that went years before him, the evidence of which still waits on the mountainside there."


It is in adversity that we discover how far we are willing to go.

In the struggle we either find strength we didn’t know we had,

or we falter and question our dreams. 


Picture a chimney just big enough for a fully grown adult to squeeze into. Now fill it with vines, but make sure they are as tangled as neglected old rope. Throw in a few hundred gallons of mud, and then add a backpack and claustrophobia. Angie Payne climbs the jungle tower of Poumaka on Ua Pou.

Sometimes the adversity is internal, personal to us, rather than a function of the environment. Chris Davies was forced to deal with the tragic illness of a friend with whom he would have loved to share some Soča River Valley singletrack in Slovenia.”

Wet, cold, under siege from needlelike drizzle and fierce storms, Ian Finch endures torrid days with the paddle negotiating the Yukon River’s furious whitewater to study the region’s remaining native cultures. 

In Kamchatka, seeking unsurfed waves in Russia’s far-east, Anna Ehrgott and her companions find themselves trapped in an uneasy encounter with heavily-armed Russian poachers, each side nervous of what the other’s intentions might be in that remote, and very private, region.