Sidetracked #05

Sidetracked #05


A revista Sidetracked recupera o sentimento de aventura e exploração, abordando a viagem através de narrativas completas e visualmente apelativas. As palavras e imagens que preenchem as páginas desta publicação mostram-nos como a aventura é um conjunto de trocas e interações baseadas na curiosidade reciproca entre viajantes e locais, entre o Homem e a natureza.

"This issue takes us skiing high into the Cordillera Blanca in Peru, fatbiking across Ecuador, hiking and packrafting a remote region of Iceland and diving the frigid depths of Finland's Ojamo mines. In this issue we focus on the unexpected and ever-shifting paths during adventure.

We head to the Amazon rainforest with Benedict Allen, highline in the clouds in Mexico with Peter Hudnut and learn of Krystle Wright's passion to capture the perfect base jump image – a tragic battle spanning four years. We journey high into Bhutan to experience life with Yaks and Yetis and follow Matt Helliker and Jon Bracey as they attempt a first ascent in the Neocola Mountains, Alaska".


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“Adventure takes us somewhere special,

somewhere we will treasure much later on,

long after the journey home has ended.”


Peter Hudnut’s dream is in the clouds, but he finds the only way to highline in Mexico is to overcome the suspicions of the local people by connecting with them and understanding them; and that sometimes when one dream fails another, more special one, reveals itself. Matt Helliker searches for a new route up the remote and inhospitable Citadel in the Neacola Range of Alaska. Cass Gilbert cycles through the deeply-crumpled Andean Mountains, seeking to retrace ancient horse trails, forgotten in Ecuador’s race to modernisation.”

“This issue of Sidetracked is emotionally charged and powerful. The adventures within are as inspiring and breathtaking as any we have featured, but there are stories that viscerally touch our psyches. Krystle Wright battles the loss of Mario Richard to capture the perfect image in the Moab Desert – to honour and pay tribute to her friend. Caroline Gleich skis the Cordillera Blanca in Peru, overcoming fear and tragic loss, to remember what makes climbing and skiing big mountains special to her and to recapture that spirit.