Sidetracked #04

Sidetracked #04


Publicação focada na viagem aventura, a Sidetracked volta a trazer-nos uma série de reportagens de cortar a respiração. No seu #04 número, a revista britanica leva-nos a pedalar pelas montanhas de Wakhan, Afeganistão; a sobrevoar a costa do Iémen ou a descobrir culturas remotas através do trabalho do fotógrafo Jimmy Nelson. Estas e muitas outras aventuras na Sidetracked #04.

"Sidetracked Volume Four is a unique journal presenting a series of breathtaking adventures, expeditions and discoveries.

This issue takes us mountain biking in Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor, paragliding in Socotra off the coast of Yemen, snorkelling in the tranquil mangrove forests and climbing on Baffin Island. We also discover remote cultures via the ethereal work of Jimmy Nelson, take an in depth look at Antarctica through historic photography and personal accounts, and follow Tommy Caldwell’s journey to complete the ascent of the Dawn Wall."


“On every page lies the heart-stopping reality

of what awaits us when we toss away

the fetters of our real lives.”