Ernest #7

Ernest #7


Curiosos compulsivos e aventureiros destemidos preenchem as páginas do Ernest Journal. Como um guia através da história, esta publicação apresenta-nos relatos e descrições históricas sobre o mundo natural, os mapas que julgamos conhecer e os lugares que ainda não ousamos visitar. Num sem fim de tradições, rotas e costumes, a curiosidade está presente em cada virar de página.

"Ernest Journal is a periodical of substance created for folk who love to build fires, embark on road trips, camp under a canopy of stars and run full pelt into the sea. Ernest appeals to those of us who appreciate a craft gin cocktail as much as a hearty one-pot supper, who love the grain of wood and the smell of paper, who’d like to learn how fly fish, brew beer in their shed and name all the constellations of the northern hemisphere. It is for people who like to whittle."


Ernest Journal is a guide for those who appreciate true craftsmanship, who are fascinated by curious histories and eccentric traditions and who care more for timeless style than trends


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"Women have played a vital role in shaping our understanding of the Antarctic, but their role has not been celebrated on continental maps. Humanitarian Carol Devine set out to change that; to create a map with all the places named after females on it, and in turn discover the history of the frozen continent."



"Today we rely on GPS devices to navigate, but it wasn’t so long ago that nautical charts told of coastal topography, off-lying islets and even mythical islands – and of course, guided us safely through the high seas. We navigate the history of nautical cartography, from tactile maps to medieval charts."


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