Sidetracked #11

Sidetracked #11


A revista Sidetracked recupera o sentimento de aventura e exploração, abordando a viagem através de narrativas completas e visualmente apelativas. As palavras e imagens que preenchem as páginas desta publicação mostram-nos como a aventura é um conjunto de trocas e interações baseadas na curiosidade reciproca entre viajantes e locais, entre o Homem e a natureza.

"Sidetracked has always been rooted in inspirational journeys. We were born from the passion of wanting to tell the stories of those who put themselves out there, setting aside fear and doubt in order to experience the breathtaking, the awe-inspiring and the magical."


We descend Suriname’s jungle rivers via piragua, 

ski receding glaciers in Uganda, 

and surf the remote waters of British Columbia’s outer coast


"We human beings are rigged to fear the unknown. It’s a survival mechanism rooted in our genes; the evolutionary legacy of having once been prey. Yet adventure and discovery expose us to the unknown, and woven into the process of overcoming our fear, in how we react and adapt, we see something of the truth of ourselves. And by exposure to what we fear, our tolerance grows – we learn not to be afraid. But that’s not all we learn. Adventure enriches. Achievements inspire. Discovery educates and enlightens. Adversity strengthens us. The world might seem smaller, more digitally accessible, but its remote regions challenge just as much as they have ever done. The secrets they hold, the treasures they offer, need to be experienced first-hand. We need to touch and feel and see, to smell and taste."


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