Fare #1

Fare #1


Entre o velho esplendor imperial e a nostalgia do presente, a Fare leva-nos a Istambul, uma cidade rica em cultura e gastronomia.

"Fare begins in Istanbul, a stunning metropolis uniquely poised across two continents; an imperial capital to three sprawling empires, the city has been shaped and reshaped by a wholly unique mix of migrant cultures spanning from Eastern Europe into North Africa and the Middle East.Istanbul continues to change amidst a challenging political climate, and the city's vibrant culture is a mirror into its many pasts and the peoples who’ve called it home—not just now, but over the last two millennia. 

The locals who direct you through Issue 1 are some of Istanbul's finest artists, musicians, chefs, writers, and historians. With them, you'll reach into the city's near and distant pasts, explore rich forgotten desserts, ancient shadow-arts, centuries-old urban gardens, vibrant workmans' eateries, the city's most controversial coffeehouses, and the groove of traditional Turkish melodies."