Doc! Photo Magazine #42

Doc! Photo Magazine #42


A polaca Doc! assume-se como uma referência na área da fotografia documental.

"Gender based violence, domestic violence, molestation, maltreatment – practically no day without news on these subjects. Information on such cases floods out from the radio, television, press and the Internet… Sometimes such things happen far away from us, sometimes in our neighbourhood. Just round the corner. Sometimes they happen to people we don’t know, sometimes to someone we know. Sometimes to one from our family. The unspoken conspiracy of silence on this subject has finally failed. The range of such actions like #metoo makes us aware of the scale of the problem. Therefore we decided to investigate the problem of gender based violence in more details.

Moreover, this issue of doc! photo magazine also discusses such problems as loneliness and melancholy of the people who for various reasons have escaped their lives in the cities and settled in the Bieszczady Mountains, in the south-eastern part of Poland. The Bieszczady, for some a symbol of freedom, have become a trap for them which they are not able to leave.

Another topic covered in this edition of our quarterly is the war. The war seen from different perspectives. This experienced, that expected to break out, that which made millions of people leave their homes and who now try to start their new life on a foreign land from scratch, and finally that whose echoes have already passed, but which still casts shadows on the families of the victims.

This issue will also take you on a trip to not necessarily real worlds.

And of course, as always, this issue also includes lots of interesting reads."