Doc! #38

Doc! #38


A polaca Doc! assume-se como uma referência na área da fotografia documental.

"doc! photo magazine approach to the photography as an universal communication platform between people despite their backgrounds, gender, political views, or religions.

doc! photo magazine was created for all lovers of photography. Our pages are filled with materials by both, the well known and commonly respected photographers as well as debutants or those who are just at the beginning of their photographic adventure".

Issue #3

Documentary projects featured in the third printed edition of doc! photo magazine quarterly will take you to Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Senegal, Ukraine and Venezuela to show you stories that matter. Two fine art photography projects will guide you throughdifferent desserts and memorabilia. Georges Vercheval and Joanna Sopyło-Firrisa will present you two remarkable photographers: Marc Riboud and James Barnor. And finally, Wojtek Wieteska will try to answer very important question: why didn’t Plato take a selfie?