O mundo em revista


Mais do que simples objetos de papel, os livros e as revistas são catalisadores de mudança capazes de nos ajudar a compreender o mundo em que vivemos. Sem eles, a nossa imaginação seria certamente mais pobre, tal como o nosso desejo de mudança.

Esta semana foram vários os artigos que nos deram novas perspectivas da realidade em que vivemos. Estes foram os que mais gostámos:



  • ARTIGO: Wrestleworld - Welcome to the enormous realm of the imaginary

"Wrestlers are emotion inducers in a theatre of violence; a form of body populists. When they succeed, they make your emotions stronger than your rationality. "Our job is to make you suspend your disbelief", one of them tell us. With a basis in the coverage of a recent wrestling event, this essay asks the question: Are we heading towards a state of society where the value of actions is primarily measured by the emotional effect they can produce?"



  • ARTIGO: Rise of the right

"Far right populism is spreading across Europe, driven by a surge in nationalist organizations. If the UE is incapable of dealing with this rise, what hope is there for other regions without such a history of openness?"



  • ARTIGO: Islam and Feminism

"It was inevitable, then, that I readily identified with feminism. For me, the basic principles of Islam and feminism supported and reinforced each other. In both I found solidarity, sisterhood and support. That's not to say that it has all been plain sailing; I have, somewhat inevitably, been met with resistance."



  • ARTIGO: The Great Divide

"As a senior US official warns that North Korea will soon have the capacity to threaten the United States mainland with its missiles, we take a look at a decades-old conflict in the Korean Peninsula that is still generating fresh international crises."


As revistas estão disponíveis online e no nosso quiosque no Mercado de Matosinhos. Vem visitar-nos!