Ambrosia - De Brooklyn, para o mundo


A revista começa com um toque de nostalgia, logo no editorial, quando o editor Adam Goldberg conta que cresceu a ouvir os pais falar da Brooklyn que conheciam.

“The tension between those two Brooklyn's is what drew us to the borough for this issue of Ambrosia, and determining how they fit together has made this our most challenging issue to date. Because, the truth is, Brooklyn is many things to many different people. It is home to some of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country, from the Russian communities in Brighton Beach to Mexican expats in Sunset Park. It’s where Michelin-starred restaurants got their starts next to old-school red sauce joints, both now part of the Brooklyn brand and exported around the world.”

Haverá poucas coisas mais americanas do que um concurso de cachorros quentes em Coney Island num dia solarengo de verão, e foi precisamente por aí que a revista Ambrosia começou. 

“We mill about in the crowd, pushing forward for better views of the action. Some fans step out to get their own hot dogs, appetites piqued from watching the women scarf them down. Others leave the crowd just to get a break from the unrelenting sunlight. Maryann is waiting with her four kids under an umbrella for her husband to come back with dogs for everyone.”

No artigo On the Side, Giusppe Lacarazzo escreve sobre como Brooklyn conseguiu aliar a arte à comida. As histórias de artistas que trabalharam em restaurantes para se sustentarem são frequentes mas em Brooklyn são cada vez mais aqueles que vêem estes part-times como um catalisador do seu lado mais criativo.

“Food, as a medium of cultural and historical documentation, can be used to explore Brooklyn’s current artistic reality. And art can, in turn, continue to inject restaurants with necessary creativity. It doesn’t mean food is art. In fact, all of the people with whom I spoke made it clear I should separate the two. But right now, these distinct communities overlap in Brooklyn, the epicenter of the city's creative output, where young artists reinvent the borough's restaurant scene while they reinvent themselves". 


A Ambrosia está disponível no nosso quiosque e na nossa loja online.