Eye - Noticiar o mundo, ilustrando-o


A Eye chegou ao nosso quiosque com uma edição dedicada quase exclusivamente à importância da ilustração e do desenho no jornalismo e na publicidade. 

Um dos nossos artigos preferidos é sobre o ilustrador Olivier Kugler, que usa a pureza do desenho para documentar a realidade complexa dos refugiados.


"This contemporary illustrator uses his ears and eyes – plus a camera, digital voice recorder, sketchbook, pencil, scanner and laptop – to document stories of exile, displacement and the complex reality of refugees’ live"


"On a sunny afternoon in the autumn of 2016, illustrator Olivier Kugler travels to Birmingham in the UK to meet Wisam, a Syrian refugee with a young family. Wisam has a story to tell and Kugler is going to turn it into pictures. Over the past few years, Kugler has been interviewing refugees and others affected by the current crisis, drawing their pictures and telling their stories, which he will eventually turn into a book. Kugler meets Wisam and his children Mohamad (eleven) and Ranem (eight) at their new school, and then accompanies them back to their flat, where he also interviews Hadya, Wisam’s pregnant wife, taking more pictures."


A Eye está disponível no nosso quiosque e na loja on-line