5 livros para oferecer neste Natal


 Leitura para o eterno viajante de comboio - The Journey: The Fine Art of Traveling by Train

"The Journey presents a varied selection of extraordinary travel opportunities by train from around the world. Featuring historic luxury wagons, spectacular panoramic railways, and timeless itineraries, it takes the reader for a ride through breathtaking canyons and romantic scenery. Striking images, informative geographical material, and personal experiences bring these train adventures, which range from the quick three-hour trip to the transcontinental journey lasting several days, to life."

Outras opções para o eterno viajante:


Leitura quem sonha em abrir o seu próprio negócio - The Monocle Guide to Good Business

"This is not a book about staging a revolution. Rather, this is a book about doing things well—from how you run the show to the pens you buy. And even about taking your dog to work.
The Monocle Guide to Good Business is a handbook for those who want to make a company that will last; it’s the ultimate reference for doing a job you love."

Leitura para quem quer descobrir o mundo passo a passo - Wanderlust

"From modern-day transcendentalists or those who simply desire a casual break from concrete scenery, Wanderlust allows readers to live vicariously through vivid portraits or use the trips as impetus for their own hiking journey. Following faded footsteps of migrating animals or paths of ancient trade routes, the trails featured in Wanderlust offer both out- door exploration and enjoyment."



Leitura para o apaixonado pelo design nórdico - Scandinavia Dreaming

"The nuanced realm of Nordic design has two personalities. On one side, there sits the open, light, friendly, and democratic constituent. And, on the other hand, is its moody counterpart: sleek and sophisticated; timeless and traditional; and deeply rooted in the sensations and juxtapositions of nature.  Scandinavia Dreaming presents dazzling interiors, architecture, and products that show the richness, variety, and intensity of contemporary Nordic spaces."


Leitura para quem gosta de cozinhar com amor - Kinfolk Table

"Filled with gorgeous photography and design you’re used to seeing in the magazine, the book will inspire your next small gathering. We traveled around the world, sharing food and collecting ideas from our growing community of chefs, home cooks, designers, bloggers, photographers and others, many of whom contributed recipes to The Kinfolk Table."

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